Easy to grow from seed, this annual herb is popular in kitchens everywhere, and is used all over the world to flavour meat, fish, salads and sauces.


All the herb seeds we sell are organic, and our basil variety is Sweet Genovese - the best culinary type for tomato-based Mediterranean dishes.

How to grow basil


Basil is a great herb to grow from seed. However, it doesn't like the cold, and is not frost-hardy - so you need to keep it in a relatively warm, sunny and sheltered spot.


In the UK (particularly Scotland!) that means basil tends to do best grown on a sunny windowsill, or inside a well-ventilated greenhouse.

Sow seeds indoors from March to June.


Sprinkle thinly on top of free-draining compost, then add a little more compost so the seeds are just covered.

Put in a warm, sunny location, and only water very lightly until the seedlings emerge (basil seeds don't like waterlogged soil).

When your seedlings are about 6cm tall, transplant each one into an individual plant pot that is at least 12cm across.

Continue to water moderately, and harvest the basil leaves regularly.

Basil flowers are small and white. Pinching out any flowering stems will encourage leaf production as the season progresses.

Basil is an annual herb, which means it lives for one growing season, then dies.


If you'd like to buy just one or two packets of our basil seeds, please visit our online shop.


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