All the bat species in the UK are insectivores (insect-eaters), and they feed mostly at night.


That means you can help bats by sowing wildflower seeds that attract lots of insects - and night-scented wildflowers are particularly valuable!


We've created this wildflower mix specifically to support bats (and it's brilliant for daytime pollinating insects, too).

Wildflower seeds to save bats collage TO
Wildflower seeds to save bats collage BO

This 100% wildflower mix is made up of 12 annual and biennial species. All the types included are either wildflowers native to Britain, or those that have become naturalised (having been here for several hundred years).

Full species list


Evening primrose, night-flowering catchfly, foxglove, borage, corncockle, corn chamomile, field poppy, long-headed poppy, wild blue cornflower, common forget-me-not, corn marigold, scented mayweed. 

How to grow your bat-friendly wildflower mix 


This mix is best sown August-October, to flower the following spring. That's because some of the species - notably evening primrose - need a period of cold to help them germinate.


Choose a level, sunny location. Clear any weeds and dig over the soil, then break up any large lumps and rake the area flat.


Next, scatter your seeds. To help you sow your seeds as evenly as possible, try mixing them with completely dry sand. Damp sand won't work!


Press or rake the seeds in gently, but don't completely cover with earth or compost - they need some light to germinate. Just water regularly.


All the species in this mix are either annual or perennial (have a one or two-year life cycle). After two years, all the original plants will die back. You can then choose to sow more seeds, or wait to see if any of the plants have self-seeded (dropped their own seeds, for future growth).

Buy this seed mix at the Bat Bothy

The Bat Bothy is a small bat rescue and rehabilitation centre in Aberdeenshire. They'll soon be selling this bat-friendly wildflower seed mix as part of their fundraising efforts. Money raised by them will be used to fund a specialist flight cage, to help rescued baby bats learn to fly!

Do check out The Bat Bothy and buy your bat-friendly mix directly from them.

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