Also known as starflower, this beautiful annual herb is a huge favourite of bees. Its leaves, stalks and flowers are all edible. 

Well sell organic blue borage (Borago officinalis).

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How to use borage


You can use the flowers to decorate drinks or cakes - or even freeze them into ice cubes. Borage leaves, flowers and stalks all taste a little like cucumber, so it's delicious in Pimm's!

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Borage can also be cooked like a vegetable, and goes beautifully with fish, seafood, goats' cheese and pasta.


Here are some borage recipes to get you started.

How to grow borage

Wait until the danger of frost has past, and sow March-early May for summer flowering.


Choose a flat, sunny spot. Clear any weeds, dig over the soil, break up large lumps and rake flat.


Then sow your seeds thinly in rows 30cm apart. Cover seeds with 0.5cm of soil, and water regularly.


Thin growing plants to 25cm apart, and support with canes if necessary.

How to order

If you'd like to buy just one or two packets of our borage seeds, please visit our online shop.


If you'd like to buy 50 or more packets - with or without accompanying postcards - we offer good bulk discounts. Drop us a line at and we can give you a custom quotation for your project.


Thank you!

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