One of the most cheerful, vigorous wildflowers around - and bees love them! Cornflowers grow quickly and easily in most sunny spots, and can bloom for months. We sell wild blue cornflower seeds (Centaurea cyanus).

Wild blue cornflowers - photo by me_edited.jpg

They are also great flowers for children to grow, as their bright blue petals are edible.


How to use cornflowers


Cornflowers make beautiful and long-lasting cut flower bouquets.


Cornflower petals can be frozen into ice cubes, floated in cocktails, or sprinkled over cakes and other desserts.

How to grow cornflowers

Sow March-May for summer flowers, or August-September for flowers the following spring.


Choose a flat, sunny spot. Clear any weeds, dig over the soil, break up any large lumps and rake the soil flat.


Then scatter your seeds, pressing or raking them in gently.


No need to cover with earth or compost. Just water regularly.

How to order

If you'd like to buy just one or two packets of our cornflower seeds, please visit our online shop.


If you'd like to buy 50 or more packets - with or without accompanying postcards - we offer good bulk discounts. Drop us a line at and we can give you a custom quotation for your project.


Thank you!

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