Supporting wildlife conservation in Scotland is a core part of our mission - and every year, we'll be supporting one main Scottish wildlife initiative.


For 2021, we're delighted to have chosen The Bat Bothy - a small Aberdeenshire bat rescue with big plans for bat conservation.

Common pipistrelle bat photo from Canva.


Just as baby humans must learn how to walk, baby bats must learn how to fly.

According to the Bat Conservation Trust, Scotland is home to
nine species of bat and all of them face serious threats. Every year, volunteers all around Scotland rehabilitate and return to nature, hundreds of bats who have found themselves in a spot of bother. Many of these casualties are infant or juvenile bats.

An essential piece of equipment for rearing baby and juvenile bats is a flight cage. This is an enclosed structure - similar to an aviary - where young bats can be housed and where they can safely practice their flying skills and build the strength and endurance they will need to survive in the wild.

There are currently no flight cages available in Aberdeenshire. This means that many infant and juvenile bats are put to sleep, as proper facilities do not exist to prepare them for a life in the wild.


The Bat Bothy and NESBats (the North East Scotland Bats group) are working to change that.  They are currently fundraising to provide bat carers with a purpose-built flight cage facility in which young bats can be fully rehabilitated and made ready for release back into nature.


However, they need all of our help! If you'd like to chip in to help baby bats learn how to fly, please do donate what you can to this fundraiser. Every contribution makes a big difference. 

You can also follow the Bat Bothy on Facebook and Twitter.


The Bat Bothy's very first rescue was a female pipistrelle.


She could put a huge volume of food away in a single sitting.


She would sit with her mouth open, just waiting for food to be put into it!


Hence her nickname - Little Pie.


She was cared for at the Bat Bothy for three days before being successfully released.

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