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The following companies very kindly donated wildflower seeds to us during our original Covid-19 giveaway.

We (literally) couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much.

John Chambers Wildflower Seeds logo - ww

John Chambers Wildflower Seed was the very first company to commit to donating seeds to us. 


They gave us a large quantity of their Cornfield Annuals 100% wildflower seed mix. 

Scotia Seeds logo.jpg

Leading Scottish wildflower seed producers Scotia Seeds are based in Angus.


Their crops are grown from small collections made in the wild around Scotland, and each can be traced back to its original site.

Scotia Seeds gave us some of their Cornfield Annuals 100% wildflower seed mix.

Meadow In My Garden Logo.png

Meadow in my Garden is a is a community interest company with a love of nature. They are committed to helping more people grow wildlife-friendly flower meadows.

Meadow in my Garden made several donations over the course of the initial giveaway, including some of their bee-friendly seed mix, some of their shaded area seed mix, and a 'bee hamper' for a care home looking to create a wildlife garden.

MeadowMania logo.PNG

MeadowMania is a family-owned seed business, specialising in providing wildflower seed that is native to the British Isles.


MeadowMania gave us some of their Cornfield Annuals 100% wildflower seed mix.

Bright Seeds logo JPG.jpg

Bright Seeds is an award-winning family business that supplies specialist seeds for the countryside. It was established by David and Sue Bright over 30 years ago.


Bright Seeds gave us some of their 'Blaze' annual mix.

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