A wee announcement: We're having a holiday!

The Seeds of Hope Scotland project started right at the beginning of the first lockdown, in March 2020. We're very proud to have been running ever since. Now, we're taking a wee sabbatical over the summer. But don't worry - we'll be back!

For those that don't know, I'm Serena and I run Seeds of Hope Scotland. What started as a one-off wildflower seed giveaway last spring has turned into a permanent social enterprise, and I absolutely love what I do.

Seeds has received amazing support from so many people and organisations - but it's still a small operation and inevitably, that means lots of hard work! As with so many small businesses, it's been an all-encompassing project for me, with most weekends and lots of evenings spent tackling all sort of tasks.

Now that the pandemic is (I very much hope) coming under control in Scotland, and everything is opening up, I can see a wee opportunity for me to take a break over the summer.

Spring sowing season is almost over, and this will give me a chance to recharge my batteries and work on a couple of personal projects. The pandemic has caused stresses and strains for almost everyone, and of course I'm no exception.

The break will also allow me some time to plan the next phase of Project Seeds (and prepare some lovely new stock for the autumn!).

So - here's how it will work:

  • Our online shop will be closed for three months, from the beginning of June to the end of August.

  • You probably won't see us on social media as much either, though I'm guessing we'll still be tempted to post the odd wildflower and nature pic 😊.

  • We don't plan to administer any more giveaways until the end of August - but if you're a good cause that would like seeds in the future, you're very welcome to email us and we can add you to our waiting list for the autumn.

  • We're currently working on a couple of ongoing client projects / orders, and these will of course continue unaffected.

  • We'll be back, fully open and firing on all cylinders, on 1st September!

I hope that all makes sense? If you have any questions, do drop me a line at the usual email address - hello@seedsofhope.scot. I'll still be picking up emails, and will do my very best to help.

And please feel free to tag us into social posts over the summer - we love to see photos of your wildflower, nature and gardening projects!

Serena x

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