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Giveaway news: 17 more good causes get seeds - thanks to you!

During January, our Seed Amnesty project received an incredible number of seed donations. Combined with packets of our own wildflower seeds, that means we've been able to give seeds to another 17 good causes in Scotland 💚

As part of our giveaway programme and to tackle seed waste, we run a yearly Seed Amnesty during January. It matches unwanted vegetable, herb and flower seeds with good causes that would like them. This wonderful contribution, for example, came from a single donor!

This year, our supporters went above and beyond - donating spare seed packets they'd bought, packets from magazines, and even seeds saved from their own gardens.

Combined with wildflower seeds from our own core stock, it meant we had enough packets of seeds to send to 17 more good causes around Scotland - with each group receiving between 20 and 40 packets of seeds.

Here are just a few of the latest brilliant groups to benefit from your kindness and generosity...

Newtyle and Eassie Playgroup in Angus

We sent Newtyle and Eassie Playgroup seeds to help the children learn about growing their own food, and to support their biodiversity project.

They've recently had five raised beds built and are now getting them filled with soil, ready to start sowing and growing.

Carluke High School in South Lanarkshire

The Princes Trust group at Carluke High School is setting up and restoring the school garden - so we sent them a seed bundle to help with this.

The school aims to encourage pupil engagement by giving them ownership of the project, from planning and implementation to completion.

SensationALL in Aberdeenshire

SensationALL supports children and adults with any kind of support need or disability - with or without diagnosis.

We sent them a seed bundle to use as part of therapeutic sessions at their centre in Westhill. The centre includes a large garden and a new plant bed, for the children to use as part of 'outdoor play' within SensationALL's emotional regulation sessions.

Broxburn and Uphall Growers (BUGS) in West Lothian

Gardening group BUGS has been running for a few years now, growing fresh vegetables for local people. They recently established a new community garden, beside the local community centre, so we sent them a mix of vegetable and flower seeds to help them continue their excellent work.

The Sir Alexander Fleming Centre in East Ayrshire

The Sir Alexander Fleming Centre in Kilmarnock is a day centre for adults with learning disabilities. They have a small, three-bed allotment which they share with a local Early Years centre.

We sent them a mixed bundle of seeds for users to sow - vegetables to eat and wildflowers to help support nature.

Iona Primary School in Argyll and Bute

Iona Primary School has recently started a children's gardening group. They began by working in small groups to identify how to make the school grounds more friendly for insects, birds and butterflies. They've also organised a quiz to help the children learn about flowers, vegetables, soil and worms.

We sent them a bundle of vegetable seeds and insect-friendly flower seeds. They plan to make a new flower bed, surrounded by a woven willow fence, and have already cleared a space for their new 'nature garden'.

Fresh Community Wellness SCIO in Aberdeen City

Fresh Community Wellness operates in a built-up part of Aberdeen, and aims to improve residents' mental health by bringing more colour and nature into the area.

The charity is also keen to help the local community grow fresh fruit and vegetables of their own, and to create a children's vegetable patch. We sent them a mixed bundle of wildflower and vegetable seeds to support the brilliant work they're doing.

Thank you for helping Scotland's communities grow

Since Seeds of Hope Scotland got started in April 2020, we've managed to help dozens of good causes in Scotland. You can take a look at the full list here.

Thank you so much to every single person who has placed an order with us, donated spare seeds, or helped spread the word about what we do. You're helping Scotland's communities grow 😊

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