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Giveaway update: Six more good causes receive seeds

Thanks to everyone who's placed orders with us recently, we've been able to donate wildflower and vegetable seeds to six more brilliant groups in Scotland. Hooray!

We spend 10% of all our income on running seed giveaways to good causes in Scotland. Thank you so much to everyone who's recently shopped with us - here's a giveaway update to show you just what a difference you've made.

A seating area for the community (and pollinators!) in Perth & Kinross

The small village of Aberargie in Perth & Kinross has recently worked hard to build a community seating area. We sent them a mix of native wildflower seeds, so they can create an oasis for bees and other pollinators around this central location.

Gardening as therapy - and learning about veg - in Dundee

Based in Dundee, Hillcrest Futures is a charity that helps service users with learning disabilities and mental health issues develop and maintain any outdoor spaces they have. Some focus on boosting biodiversity, while others grow their own food. We sent some of our native wildflower mix their way, so their could establish new habitats for nature in six local gardens.

Also in Dundee, charity Signpost International has launched the Roundhouse Community Kitchen, which focuses on using surplus food and turning it into meals. As part of this, they're keen to start a produce garden, showing local folk where their food comes from and encouraging them to grow their own. We sent them a mix of our vegetable seeds, to help get things started.

Community food-growing - and getting the wee ones involved - in Glasgow

Battlefield Community Garden in Glasgow was looking to grow healthy vegetables for locals in its eight raised beds. We sent them a mix of vegetable seeds (kindly donated by our Seed Amnesty supporters!) to help out.

Also in Glasgow, Eastwood Nursery School is doing a great job of getting children involved with sowing and growing at an early age. We sent them a mix of both native wildflower seeds and veg seeds, so they can create a wee wildlife garden and also learn about growing their own food.

Community drama in Angus

Finally, Newtyle Drama Group in Angus wanted to encourage nature and wildflower growing in their local area, sharing seeds amongst its members and donating some to their local school. We were delighted to help out!

Next steps...

Here's more information about all the other groups we've worked with since we got started in April 2020.

And finally, to our supporters: These donations aren't down to us. They're down to every single person who has placed an order with us - large or small. Thank you so much for being the difference.

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