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Here's who we've been able to help this winter - thanks to you

We've just run our latest seed giveaway - to seven more good causes across Scotland.

As a social enterprise, we spend 10% of all our income on running seed giveaways to good causes in Scotland. We knew how tough this winter was going to be for folk, and we really wanted to run a pre-Christmas giveaway to as many of our waiting list groups as possible.

Every time a customer places an order in our online shop, someone at Seeds HQ does a happy dance, because we know that's more money in the giveaway pot.

When we crunched the numbers, we worked out that our giveaway fund could help seven more good causes in time for Christmas. Thank you so much to every one of our customers for making this possible!

So, here are the groups who've received winter giveaway cornfield annuals wildflower seeds to sow in the spring. We also included some of our postcards in every parcel, to cheer folk up or to be shared in their local communities.

Drumchapel Early Years Learning Centre, Glasgow

Drumchapel has been patiently on our waiting list since the summer, and we're so happy to now be able to help. They requested packets of wildflower seeds to give the children in the centre, to spread community spirit and share with their families. Their idea is to create a nurturing experience for each child: Sow his or her seeds in the spring, look after the seedlings and take responsibility for their growth. We love it.

Death Abroad - You're Not Alone (DAYNA), Scotland-wide

Scottish charity Death Abroad - You're Not Alone (DAYNA) supports the families of those who have died abroad. They asked if we might donate some of our wildflower seed + postcard sets, so they could send these families some 'seeds of hope'. We're delighted we've been able to do this in time for Christmas.

Dalkeith Guerrilla Gardeners, Midlothian

This group of volunteers works hard to improve community spaces in Dalkeith and Woodburn. They weed, they litter pick, they create new planting spaces, and in the spring, they now have some of our wildflower seeds to sow!

Mosspark Wildflower Community Project, Glasgow

This residents' group has already taken great steps to brighten up the Mosspark area, getting the local shop and postbox repainted. In the spring they'll get to work on the small grass area nearby, and will use our seeds to create a wildflower border for the local community to enjoy.

Crescent at the Shore Community Garden, Edinburgh

This group of residents in Leith has been working hard to turn their communal space (mostly small strips between car parking spots) into a biodiverse wee community garden. They've already done some fantastic work from scratch, removing several tonnes of rock and adding over a tonne of soil by hand! We given them the wildflower seeds they need to carry on their work in the spring.

Cleaner Greener Corstorphine, Edinburgh

This community group aims to inspire folk and help people live more sustainable lifestyles. Every year, they organise the planting of a meadow area with the children from Corstorphine Village Playgroup. We've given them enough wildflower seeds to create this little meadow in the spring. We've also included some of our 'colour-in' sunflower cards, for the wee ones to get to work on.

Benview Early Years Learning Centre, Glasgow

Our seeds will allow Benview to bring flowers to five small planting beds, and brighten up their little secret garden for the children to enjoy. We also popped in some of our 'colour in' sunflower cards, as a extra activity for them.

Next steps...

Here's more information about all the other groups we've worked with since we got started in April 2020.

And finally, to our supporters: These donations aren't down to us. They're down to every single person who has placed an order with us - large or small. Thank you so much for being the difference.

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