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Our latest seed giveaway - and how you've made it possible

We're delighted to announce our latest seed giveaway - and it's down to every single one of you. Thank you!

As a social enterprise, we spend 10% of all the funds we receive on running seed giveaways to good causes in Scotland. And a few weeks ago, we told you about how a large order from VisitScotland enabled us to donate seeds to two great projects.

However, it's not just big purchases that make a difference. Every kind customer who buys a packet of seeds from us adds to the funding pot! And it's been these individual sales that have just allowed us to help another group on our waiting list.

Organic Growers of Fairlie is an association of village residents in Fairlie (and surrounding towns), North Ayrshire. They have worked so hard to improve their local environment, turning a derelict and polluted brownfield site into a sustainable and biodiverse organic community garden, where folk can grow their own fruit and vegetables.

They do fantastic local outreach work too. Last year, they received a pollinator award from Keep Scotland Beautiful, for the work they do in bringing pollinators to the community garden, and encouraging young people.

The group has been patiently on our waiting list since the early summer. And thanks to customer purchases during August, we've just been able to help them, donating the 40 packets of cornfield annuals wildflower seeds they've requested. Hooray!

The packets of seeds, with accompanying 'Wildflowers in Scotland' postcards, will be integrated into home growing kits the group is currently making up. These kits will be given to children and other people in the local community who don't have much experience of growing and gardening.

Remaining seeds will be used by a school group that visits the garden, so they can sow and help develop a nature area on-site.

This donation isn't down to us - it's down to every single customer who has bought a packet of seeds or other item from our wee online shop. Thank you so much for being the difference.

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