Introducing our new Felt Perfect recycled rainbow planters!


These indoor planters are the result of an exclusive collaboration with independent designer Kim Jenkins - aka Lucky Bird. 


We've found that plant pots tend to either be made of flimsy, easily-breakable plastic (which is bad for the planet and sort of ugly) OR be really expensive and really, *really* heavy (so a nightmare to buy online).


We wanted to come up with something different - an indoor planter that's beautiful, light, foldable, durable, unsmashable, resizable, uses recycled materials and is good for your plants' roots. Simple, right?


About these planters


  • Made from recycled plastic bottles and fibres
  • Roll up / roll down rim
  • Choice of sizes
  • Fold away when not in use
  • Can be used as cute storage solutions
  • Pot plants straight in OR use as an outer cover
  • Great for your plants' roots
  • Free shipping
  • 10% goes into our 'good causes' seed giveaway fund


Made from recycled plastic fabric


The main body of each planter has been created using recycled geotextile fabric. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled synthetic fibres. It's durable and - because it's synthetic not organic - it won't rot.


We love how the anthracite grey is shot through with flashes of scarlet, sunshine yellow, blues and greens. A beautiful, eco-friendly way to stop plastic ending up in landfill or the ocean.


Due to the blended, recycled nature of the fabric, every single planter is slightly different, with a unique mix of colour tones.


This fabric drains well, so just remember to pop a saucer or water holder under your planter indoors.


Roll up / roll down rim


Each planter is finished with a sturdy rainbow webbing rim. This can be left as is for the full colour pop effect - or it can be rolled down to create a more muted look and a shorter pot.


(We've all had a pot that's too big for the plant in hand, and it's such a waste of compost!)


Choice of sizes


Our Felt Perfect planters currently come in two sizes:


Small - c. 15cm tall and 15cm in diameter (great for succulents, indoor herbs, microgreens and more)


Large - c. 30cm tall and 30cm in diameter (fab for larger house plants, tomato plants, chilli plants and more)


Want a different size? Email us at and we'll see what we can do 😊


Versatile, foldable and (virtually) unbreakable


Not got much storage space? No problem! These planters fold down flat and can be popped into any nook or cranny when not in use.


We've also created them with home storage in mind. When not being planters, they can be used as cute storage solutions for craft supplies, gardening accessories and most things in between.


Our small, 15cm version even comes with a webbing hook, so you can hang it on a utensil rack or wall.


Unlike ceramic pots, they're also totally unsmashable!


Pot plants straight in OR use as outer pot covers


You can pot plants and sow directly into these planters - just put the compost straight in.


In fact, the recycled fabric is great for plants' roots. That's because unlike conventional, hard plastic pots, it allows airflow to the roots, while still excluding light.


Alternatively, you can use the planters are outer 'sacks' for plants that are already in less attractive-looking pots - just pop the potted plant inside and roll down the rim to suit.


Either way, just remember that Felt Perfect planters drain *beautifully* and DO need a saucer/plate/tray underneath them (unless you want puddles of water all over your home...).


Care and maintenance


To clean one of these planters, we recommend simply shaking out any excess compost once dry.


The nature of the recycled fabric means you shouldn't machine wash them (micro-plastic fibres may end up being released). If you do want to use water though, a gentle, cool hand wash and air dry should be fine.


Remember, we spend 10% of everything we make on running seed giveaways to good causes in Scotland. Thank you for helping us to help them!

Felt Perfect - recycled rainbow planters

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    We've replaced parcel tape with brown paper tape, bubble wrap with tissue paper, jiffy bags with cardboard boxes or brown paper, and polystyrene 'peanuts' with GM-free starch-based loose fill, which is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

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