Radishes are a great, quick and easy salad crop that you can sow throughout the spring and summer. Their bright colour and crunchy texture helps them appeal to children, and they grow well in most garden soils.


All the vegetable seeds we sell are organic, and the variety of radish we currently stock is Cherry Belle (Raphanus sativus).


This bright red, globe-shaped variety is quick to mature, with crisp, crunchy white flesh and a deliciously sweet, mild flavour. As it matures at a relatively shallow depth, it's also a great root crop to try growing in containers.

How to grow radishes

Sow your radish seeds outdoors March-August, for harvesting April-September. Cherry Belle is one of the quickest-growing varieties - reaching maturity in just 20-30 days.

Sowing into the ground


Choose a well-drained location in sun or semi-shade, and clear any weeds. Dig over the soil, break up lumps and rake flat.


Create shallow drills at least 15cm apart. Water the drills first, then sow your seeds very thinly along them, and cover with 2cm of soil. 

Sowing into containers

If you don't have a garden, you can grow radishes in a large container instead. A half-barrel, old ceramic sink, window box or even a washing-up bowl should do the job - just make sure you add drainage holes and fill it with good quality, multi-purpose potting compost.

As your radishes grow

Continue to water regularly, and as your radish seedlings grow, thin them out so they are at least 3-5cm apart.

Harvest your radishes 4-5 weeks after sowing, as soon as they've reached a reasonable size. Leave them too long and they'll go from crisp and juicy to 'woody' and tough.

Top tip: As radishes don't take up much space and grow quickly, they're a great vegetable to pop into spare patches of earth between other crops.

From plot to plate! Radish recipes


Lemony radish and fennel salad

Crunchy radish and tomato salad

Radishes with olive oil and salt

How to order

If you'd like to buy just one or two packets of our radish seeds, please visit our online shop.


If you'd like to buy 50 or more packets, for larger scale gardening or grow-your-own ventures, we offer good bulk discounts. Drop us a line at hello@seedsofhope.scot and we can give you a custom quotation for your project.


Thank you!

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