Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed, and can thrive in pots or grow bags. With their vibrant colour, sweet flavour and juicy texture, they're also a great choice to get children enthusiastic about vegetable growing.    


All the vegetable seeds we sell are organic, and the variety of tomato we currently stock is Koralik (Solanum lycopersicum).


Well suited to container growing in a greenhouse or on a windowsill, this early bush variety produces an excellent crop of bright red cherry tomatoes. It's blight resistant, and does well even in short or wet seasons. 

How to get tomato seeds started

Sow your tomato seeds indoors February-April, on a warm windowsill or in a greenhouse. Tomatoes don't actually need direct sunlight until they germinate - warmth and moisture are the priority.


Fill small flowerpots with compost and put one seed in each, 0.5cm deep.

Coir (the fibre extracted from the outer husk of coconuts) is peat-free, and can be used as an alternative to traditional compost to get the seeds started.

Keep moist and warm - tomatoes germinate best at between 21°C and 27°C. To help keep the pot and compost warm, you can pop a small glass or plastic cloche over it (something as simple as a clear kitchen tupperware tub will do!).

In optimum conditions, your seeds should germinate within about 14 days. 


As your tomato plants grow


Coir does not contain the nutrients tomato plants need to grow large. That means once your tomato seedling has four leaves, it should be transplanted into a larger pot or growbag containing a good quality, multi-purpose potting compost. Tomato roots get quite long, so any new pot should be at least 30cm tall.

If your starter pot is biodegradable, you should be able to gently tear it open to remove the seedling. Make sure you don't touch your seedling's roots, or you will damage them. 

As tomato plants develop, some people also choose to give them specialist tomato feed, which you buy in liquid form and dilute with water.


You can choose to put your tomato plants outside once all risk of frost has passed. However, tomatoes do need warm, sunny conditions to thrive and ripen - so if in doubt, keep them in a sunny location indoors or in your greenhouse.

Continue to water regularly, and remove yellowing leaves from the bottom of the tomato plants. This will increase light and air flow to the lower fruits.


Harvest your tomatoes when ripe, June-October.


Top tip: Tomato plants have a tendency to dry out and wilt quickly, so check on them ever day, and water often!

From plot to plate! Tomato recipes


Salads, salsa, pasta sauce, roasted, chutney, ketchup, quiche, pizza... when it comes to eating tomatoes, the possibilities are endless! 

Summer tomato and horseradish salad

Cherry tomato and caper spaghetti

Garlic roasted cherry tomatoes

Ultimate tomato salsa

How to order

If you'd like to buy just one or two packets of our tomato seeds, please visit our online shop.


If you'd like to buy 50 or more packets, for larger scale gardening or grow-your-own ventures, we offer good bulk discounts. Drop us a line at and we can give you a custom quotation for your project.


Thank you!

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